Vision-Box wants to create a world where every journey is seamless,
while at the same time ensuring the preservation of the environment and
reducing our carbon footprint.

Our mission is to drive sustainability throughout
the global supply chain by integrating sustainability
in the overall procurement process.


Emissions Reporting

Scope 1 - Direct emissions
✓ Car fleet consumption
✓ Air conditioning leaks

Scope 2 – Indirect emissions
✓ Energy consumption

Scope 3 – Other indirect emissions
✓ Air travel
✓ Receiving and Shipment of equipment
✓ Water consumption
✓ Waste production

Carbon Reduction Plan

We are committed to achieving Carbon Neutral, through a continual improvement of environmental performance within our organization, to help  protect our planet’s natural resources while working towards our own environmental objectives.
ISO 14001

Headquarters | Production Facility


Achieving Carbon Neutral 

Vision-Box is committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions so that the balance between emissions and removals from the atmosphere will be zero by 2050. By following the approval of the Basic Climate Law, Portugal has already anticipated the goal of climate neutrality by committing to assess it by 2025, reaching it by 2045 or even earlier. 

Carbon Reduction Projects

The aspects with the most impact on the environment according to our activity are:

Other Projects

bluebiz Certificate

Vision-Box used blue credit points with Air France/KLM program to pay back the planet for our carbon footprint in flights. Our 918 blue credits is paying for 108 Tonnes (108000 kgs) that were converted in cash and went directly to the project CO2OL for reforestation of Panamá. By doing so, it was possible to offset the emissions of 42,5% of all flights in 2020.

Our Goal