Seamless Kiosk

The New Generation Biometrics

All self-service enrolment solutions in a single touchpoint.



One device, multiple configurations

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Modular Design

Accessibility / Usability

Accessibility / Usability

full fae capture

Full Frontal Face Capture


Kiosk is designed for the travel, border control and ID Management market.
It's a flexible touchpoint with high-quality biometrics that allows travelers to enjoy a seamless experience, with high accuracy and velocity. 
The modular periscope can serve multiple use cases in one market under future-proof software.

Airlines & Airport



The CUSS kiosk is designed to grow and adapt as the airports and airlines evolve to a fully seamless journey.  
Only CUSS 2.0 compliant Kiosk in the World!


Vision-Box's self-service border control kiosk is an inclusive, high-quality biometrics solution for traveler registration that fully adapts to every user without exceptions.


" We are very pleased to launch Seamless Kiosk, a truly nimble device which can be deployed in multiple markets such as identity management, travel & tourism and border control, allowing the user to enjoy the best seamless experience, with the highest accuracy and speed via a biometric-by-design solution.  At Vision-Box, we seek to push the boundaries of design and technology to offer a more human experience." 

Alessandro Minucci, Head of Product at Vision-Box